Gasherbrum (The Dark Glow of the Mountains) -
a movie from Werner Herzog, illustrated by Valentin Lergès, a project by Ich Aur editions

This publication is the french transcript of the documentary Gasherbrum - Der Berg leuchtende, directed by Werner Herzog, released in Germany in 1984.

By making this publication we wanted to submit to read this documentary that had left us both in a different state. Whether on the spiritual aspect of the experience of the ascent or the latent and progressive physical sensation that operates on the spectator, we each have been hit by at least one of these aspects.

We hope that this newspaper causes, if not an experience similar to a crossing or a climb, at least one approach walk to the Gasherbrum group. And it is therefore natural that we recommend that you run in libraries and through the Internet looking for that discussion between Werner Herzog, Reinhold Messner and Hans Kammerland.

8 pages - 16x22cm - print in Glasgow - 100 copies - 6 Euros/8 Chf
Silas's dream - Chine Barraud and Aldric Lamblin

Silas had left his body, he was now swimming in a nocturnal immensity. He was floating in an unknown matter which was nothing identifiable. Neither cold or warm, gently dark, a combination between a wet sky and a stellar ocean. By wave of light like a curious beat, shapes appeared and dissipated, mixing themselves together.
Its substance was alive and was travelling through the inexplicable Milky Way. There was no shadow or apparent relief, the inside and the outside was only one thing. This imprecise essence gave birth to words which after blooming spread to shapes, melt together and made other floating composition grew up. A strange language was in mutation.
Silas who was at first inactive, playing idly in the middle of the images waves, felt suddenly something and decided to capture some. From an analogy to another, he generated a path in the cosmos. All these living things in this universe were perhaps only a dream of the mind. But deeply inside, he was creating a structure. The strength that made them active came from Silas, from his conception and imagination power.

40 pages - 16x22cm - print on risograph 2 colors - 70 copies - 15 Euros
Dictionnaire de formes domestiques

A sponge has the capability to be flexible formally in having the ability to return to its initial state, whether it is damp or dried. This status allows it to remain in a stationary state which is neither its state of marketing, nor its state of use. I use this particular feature to invest an empty space, a priori what we call a "white cube". Through the sponge tool, I explore the place, discover its geography, topography and its topological details to proceed, then, at sampling. In this way, the sponge becomes a technical instrument like a pedology tool which reads and reveals the interstices, irregularities, humps, hollows, historical developments, taking damp prints of the space and storing them once dried. Once extracted from this place, they report it in a secondary way by establishing a well-reasoned catalog of sculptures, missing their referent. But however, they are making a unique place exist, with its own history through this alphabet of domestic forms.

24 pages - 17,5x27cm - print on risograph - 50 copies - 7 Euros
Hyung Jun Yun

As a child, I was very interested by the interior of my room. I had fun changing the place of the furnitures and the objects in order to create new layouts, to give me the feeling of being in a brand new room. It was a way to renew the space around me according to the variations of my mind. I began to realize that it was possible to completely change a space just by doing this. That things could be different when I tried to bring them together, in harmony.The space, the furnitures, the materials.

I thought it was about sensations, an indistinct impression that we can feel, see, but without knowing exactly the reason why. It is important, to me, to not only see the object but to see it in the whole space where it is developing. Things that exist around the object itself are probably more important than that object in question. Because that is what makes the object itself lives, thanks to the presence of other things around. They affect each other. Mutually. It is at this point that my art works tend today.

30 pages - 21x15cm - laser print - 60g paper - print on demand - 10 euros
Jérémie Cyr

Jérémie Cyr is a young artist living and working in Montreal. Studying a BFA studio arts and sculpture major at Concordia University, Jérémie describe his work :

"Mostly working with installation and collage, my practice is based on the idea of transforming and rearranging elements of reality as we know it in order to make them ambiguous. I aim to gradually build a strong visual language by reinterpreting various objects found in everyday life. Through my work, I strive to connect both the real and the surreal, to generate hybrid shapes and mysterious situations, proposing an alternate reality to the viewer. Doing so, I make sure that my projects are read in an open way, pushing the viewers to invent narratives for themselves as they try to find a concrete signification to my work.
As human beings, we look for meaning in seemingly strange situations and objects, finding reassurance in the definition of things ; I strive to create spaces devoid of such meaning or definition, finding them to be barriers. Rather, my aim is to draw attention to the inherent beauty of reality itself."

22 pages - 21x15cm - laser print - recycled paper - 20 copies - 5 euros
Quand les éléments

Quand les éléments is the catalog of a workshop organized at ESAAA with the artist Grégoire Bergeret. During a week students have been divided in groups working on the four elements : water - air - earth - fire. Those elements were used as material constraints but also as starting points in the reflexion of their productions.
This booklet brings together every works that have been produced during the week and the the various experiments encountered with an interview of a representative of each group.

22 pages - 20x14cm - laser print- 40 copies
Abécédaire and Abécédaire bis

While "Abécédaire" is a range from A to Z of pixelated animals, "Abécédaire Bis" in response is an alphabet of pixelated food. This two alphabet books are like an update of what we used to read back in time, when we were kids. It’s not the picture which will help you to find the letter, but now, it’s the opposite.

2 volumes - 56 pages each - 13,5x19,5cm - laser print - 10 copies

A japanese children song in ten lines, inspired by the song "Kakuno Take no Temari Uta" by Takako & The Crazy Boys, to give you the mood here are the lyrics :

ひとつ、日暮れに願かけて。One, offer a prayer to the setting sun.
ふたつ、札所に月見草。Two, the evening primrose of an amulet-offering temple.
みっつ、みそらが明けるころ。Three, when the magnificant sky dawns.
よっつ、夜泣きの子を負うて。Four, carrying a child who cries in the night.
いつつ、いつまでつけばよい。Five, till when shall you follow me ?
むっつ、迎えに来ぬ母に。Six, to my mother who did not come to pick me up.
ななつ、内緒で恨み言。Seven, words of bitterness in secret.
やっつ、やまんば来ぬうちに。Eight, before the mountain witch comes.
ここのつ、子を捨て山越えて。Nine, cross the mountain and leave your child behind.
とおで、鬼子になりました。Ten, far, far away, I became a demon’s child.

14 pages - 13,5x10cm - laser print on japanese rice paper - print on demand - 6 euros
Trois tueurs

A short novel written by Chine Barraud in three parts, each completing one another and focus on a different type of killer, illustrated by Seo Young Chu.

" My name is Mister Butter. You’re probably wondering why, and you’re right, it’s true, it’s not a very common name. Let me explain. Everybody have, less or more, a hobby, something that we do after come home from work, something that relax us. That’s not a big deal. Sometimes, that passion is so captivating that it engulfs your life to the point where all you do is think of it. This is exactly what is happening to me. I kill people. And I do it with a butter knife. "

12 pages - 11x8cm - laser print - 15 copies - 3 euros
Real Men Love Unicorn

Published in 2012, this book brings together 32 photographs of unicorns tattoos found on the internet.
The iconography of this mythical animal mix up with others universes, creating surprising hybrids and the magical status of this medieval symbol is modified by much contemporary influences.

35 pages - 14,5x21cm - laser print - 10 copies - 3 euros
Fat pets I/II

Those two booklets published successively in 2010 and 2011 compile 2 images picking. The first part focuses on a series of pictures of pets who’s diet is certainly not fulfilled. On a colorful pixels background, these noble animals show their surprising bodies.
The second part takes some « forgotten » pictures in the first one but mainly focuses on the furies practice, as surprising as the first.
Together the two parts show a loop where meets man practices into pets and the other way around.

24 pages - 6x13cm and 7,5x20,7cm - laser print - 20 copies - 2 parts for 6 euros
first part
second part
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Ich Aur editions brings together Chine Barraud and Aldric Lamblin around creating books.
Since its creation in 2010, Ich Aur continue to ask themselves about the form and the content of this object which maintain a kind of hybrid relationship with work of art and the objet of popular transmission.
The thought about the physical object like the book-binding, the shape, the size, the medium is one of their anchor point.
Book content is varied and change with the mood and the desire of the members, ranging from image collection to young artist monograph as well as illustration of various topics, the editorial policy of Ich Aur is still not exhaustive and go a lot with collaborations.

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